McDonalds Introduce ‘Happy Goggles’, a Portion of VR with Your Happy Meal


Happy Goggles - A virtual reality headset made from a Happy Meal Box

In a move surely to reinforce the message that “VR has arrived”, McDonalds in Sweden are bundling Google Cardboard-esque VR googles with their Happy Meals, assembled from the packaging the food came in.

McDonalds have announced a new initiative set to raise the expectations of Happy Meal contents far above the current level of plastic movie merchandise. The fast food giant is set to being ‘Happy Goggles’ to selected restaurants on the weekends of March 5th and 12th at 14 outlets across Sweden.

The Google Cardboard-esque device is essentially a mobile phone holder but with the outer shell formed from the leftover packaging of your Happy Meal – so be careful with that ketchup.

The device even has its own VR game Slope Stars, designed and assembled by North Kingdom Stockholm and is designed to be tied with Sweden’s traditional family “Sportlov” recreational holiday, during which many families go skiing.

Adweek reports that the fast-food chain believes VR provides “a really exciting opportunity to connect families in digital times,” which is an interesting take on disposable VR experiences. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a bold move and one that has been managed within the realms of normal Happy Meal prices, in this case circa $4.10. VR has indeed arrived, and it’s in your Happy Meal.

Will we see Happy Googles around the world? “This is the first trial run globally,” Jeff Jackett, marketing director at McDonald’s Sweden told Adweek.

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